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Almotion®  is a respected manufacturer of linear units since 1996. The linear motion units are designed and made by Almotion, at their own production department. Almotion is able to adapt various drive applications of the standard units to your wishes.
An entirely new unit can be developed as well. The long-time experience and high level engineering department can combine your requirements and develop them into the best drive solution.

Our brand name is Lineairtechniek®.

Almotion has a  range with four series

  1. external guide units
  2. internal guide units
  3. modular series
  4. other linear motion

The numbers 1,2 and 3 are tooth-belt driven series.
Using a toothed belt has several advantages:

  • high speeds are possible
  • longer strokes
  • attractive pricing

"We develop, design and produce linear motion solutions in close collaboration with our customers"


Product series:

1.External guide units ("open" series)
2. Internal guide units (semi "closed" series)
3. Modular series
4. Other linear motion

By involving us in your project during the moment of concept designing, we can give you the best advice and offer the linear units that best suits to your project.

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External guide units

The external guide units or semi closed units:

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Internal guide units

The internal guide units or semi closed units:

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Modular units LTC

LTC composed by Lineairtechniek©

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Other linear products

Almotion delivers a number of other linear products

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