Lineair units for XYZ Scanning Device

Lineair units for XYZ Scanning Device

16 Juli 2021

Not a very big challenge this time, but again a great solution from our specialists. A Dutch machine builder was looking for linear units for a scanning device that are suitable for slow movements with a load of only 3 kilograms. Almotion's engineers chose the linear units of our LT50 series for this. These robust units with the 16AT5 timing belt are particularly suitable for this application.

Running wheel guides and ball screw rail guide

Running wheel guides have been chosen for the horizontal X-movement because of the smooth running. This means that 1 powered unit and 1 unit with only guidance, a so-called dummy, will suffice. The horizontal Y-axis and Z-axis both have a recirculating ball track guide of size -15-. Almotion has provided the units with the necessary mounting brackets and brackets for sensors.

More information about the LT50 linear unit:


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