Stainless steel scrapers for wheel guides

Stainless steel scrapers for wheel guides

28 Mei 2021

Almotion has recently developed the solution for caked-on dirt on guide-wheel guides; stainless steel scrapers for the carriage. These scrape the dirt off the axles before it reaches the guide wheels. This gives the wheels a longer life and makes manual cleaning less frequently necessary.

Good resistance to pollution

A guide wheel is already resistant to pollution by itself. Hardened steel round axles run on V-shaped wheels made of hardened steel. As a result, the contact surface is very small and dirt is pushed away from the wheel. We have been supplying this system for machines in very dirty environments with good results since 1996.

Option for stubborn dirt

If stubborn contamination does occur on the guide; material that hardens on the ashes, for example concrete or sugar. The material sticks on the shafts and this becomes hard, especially if not many movements are made. Almotion has now come up with the additional option of stainless steel scrapers on the carriage for this purpose. The dirt is scraped off the axles before it reaches the running wheels. The stainless steel scrapers are available in different sizes.

Almotion linear running wheel guides

Almotion supplies a large number of guide-wheel guides. Advantages of Almotion's wheel guides are:

  • Suitable for applications in a polluting environment.
  • Suitable for high speeds, accelerations and decelerations.
  • Standard working temperature between -20 ° C and + 80 ° C. We supply a number of special running wheels for other temperatures.
  • Easy to adjust running wheels.
  • Available with 6 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm shafts.

Check out our linear guides via the link below.

Linear guides

For more information or advice on linear guidance systems, please contact us.