Gantry linear unit in packaging machine

Gantry linear unit in packaging machine

25 Juni 2021

Almotion recently produced an Omega Gantry linear unit for a packaging machine to a machine builder specializing in final packaging systems. The video shows how Almotion's linear unit makes a horizontal and vertical movement at speed to move the packs from A to B.

Omega Gantry Linear Unit

The Omega gantry linear unit consists of an X-axis and Z-axis that are driven by 2 servo motors. The big advantage is that the Z-axis motor is stationary and does not move back and forth on the X-axis. The Z-axis moves through an ingenious interplay of the motors and the mounting of the toothed belt.
Various tools can be mounted at the bottom of the Z-axis, such as grippers or suction cups. This allows products to be picked up quickly and accurately.
The gantry linear unit is widely used in packaging machines where fast movements take place within a certain accuracy.

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